Monday, 20 December 2010

First ever Matte painting (WIP)

Day 2

Did a tiny bit this morning. Figured I should update my progress as I go. re adjusted the scale of the picture and added some more intimate details here and there. Still a long way to go yet though.

Day 1

 Its been a while since I have posted anything. However the Christmas holidays have come and I have finally found, at the back of a cupboard with the tinsel, some time. 

Using this time I decided to flick through some old copies of imagine fx, when I stumbled across a Matte artist named Sarel Theron. His work is always epic. To the nth degree. And yet he still manages to retain a painterly touch to his paintings that looks almost new romantic. 
Whilst browsing through his website, I found a tutorial. 
And well, I just had to have a go. 

This is as far as I have got this evening. 

I think the biggest thing that surprised me was how much creative freedom you can give yourself with this technique. I don't really know why but beforehand I had always considered matte painting a very clinical and precise method. But so far I have been enjoying this immensely. 

I do intend to finish this at a later date by the way. After all it would be a shame to only half complete it. I definitely need to get the scale right soon. The castle is nearly as big as the mountain on the left. Repair job!!
I look forward to posting up some new work this Christmas. Make the most of this found time. 

All the best and
Merry Christmas

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