Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Disney and Hands

So, this summer, in brief. I want to get better. Be a better animator and all round artist. And so with that in mind I have started doing these random odd tasks here there and everywhere. Drawing my hands in 6 different positions each night. And copying as exactly as possible a frame of animation from someone I admire as an animator. I guess by copying there work I get an insight into their thought process as they have drawn that frame. For example Andreas Deja has a really strong line of action in his work I have discovered. Frank Thomas however seemed instead to trust to intuition. Either that or he's a genius  . . . Probs the latter. 

Today is day 3 of this and so far it has been going okay.  . . . ish. I think style is something I can work my way up too eventually. For the moment however, I just wanna focus on getting it right technically, and then economy of line.

Day 3

(Frank Thomas)

Day 2

(Andreas Deja)

Day 1

(Ollie Johnston)

Will be posting some more up here soon. Along with some of my film work hopefully, some 11 second clubs and even a few more side projects. 
All the best anyhow,

Geesus I cannot wait!!

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