Sunday, 23 September 2012

A few months of hectic wrapped up in 20 ish sketches

So its been a while since i have posted anything. This is due in main to the last few months of my life being completely up in the air. 
I have now established myself in London. Living in a lil place called Cricklewood/Willesden green. (Still not entirely sure which one is closer) And I am working at Karrot animation/entertainment as a Junior.

Meanwhile in a vague effort to not lose the ability to draw while all this was going on I have sketched from time to time. Not always successfully, as you will soon see. (I'm uploading everything, even the rubbish!)
I feel like I really need to get back on board with drawing properly again. Dedicate a nice proportion of my day to drawing I think every day. I'm doing this mainly because despite it all, hand drawn animation is still where my heart lies deep down. As much as I love digital 2D and CGI there is just something magic about a really well executed drawing  coming to life.

Anyways So we have  . . . .

Sketches all the way back from Annecy this year. These where done whilst waiting to go see Paperman (one of the best animated shorts i have seen in a while). Will be in front of Wreck it Ralph. Go see ;)

More Annecy. Looks like I was really struggling that day, though I'm enjoying the chubby guy on the bench at the bottom. 

These two where drawn again in Annecy whilst having some downtime in our chalet. The entire point of them was to force myself to stop drawing all my character designs like the main character from my grad film. (When you have drawn one character for a year its hard to break the mould)

Mike on his PSP. Bless him xD

The original rain man!! Among other things. Always liked this image. Seems so joyful.


Julia Sarda artist studies. If you havent seen this illustrators work, go check it out. Stunning stuff. Learnt a lot about shape looking at these drawings.

The View from the balcony at Karrot. The building in the distance is the Strata tower in Elephant and Castle. Designed to maximise eco efficiency, and as such, a perfect opportunity for me to nerd out.

A couple of pages of Bus drawings. Done on my 468 to croydon excusrsions.

Tor!! Hehe love this image. This is sat in a coffee shop in Trafalgar square waiting for the grad show at the BFI southbank.

Some southbank images. Featuring, randoms, Mike and Carmen.

Two images on the left where drawn in a quiet moment at Karrot. Gervais, an animator in the commercial department and the guy who created the recent benjamin grosvener music video. And Mark, another commercial animator.

A couple of disney studies. Always enjoyed doing these. They seem to teach me something new every time.

Just a few people ambling about at a sue ryder sale in Nettlebed.

Playing around with a character Ive had in my head for a while. The image on the far left was closest to what i wanted. The others  . . . meh :P

Further explorations of the same character. Really inconsistent so far. Really need to work on that.

A study of some work by Devon Stubblefield. An incredibly gifted student at Cal arts.
Check out his blog here.

A character im working on for a puppet style after effects animation.
And finally

A few shape and structure ideas for some illustrations I'm doing for a friend.

So yer this about covers it so far. Got a lot to do to get to where I wanna be. But that's half the fun. Like a game, the enjoyment comes from the challenge not the completion.

Hopefully a lot more to come soon.

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