Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Captain James T Quack

Hiya. Well it sure has been a busy couple of weeks. I have now officially moved back into Bournemouth, into a new student house. I am living with three other animators this year. However, far from being a stimulating work driven environment. I think I may instead get distracted rather a lot by the likes of Lego star wars and Movie nights! (Cant wait!)

In the mean time on the week of my move in, a rather intriguing Imagine Fx challenge appeared that caught my eye, and my imagination. The title 'Captain James T Quack'. The brief, to design an animated character who is a duck, and who is also a caricature of James T Kirk from the original Star Trek series. 

I did have a quick go at sketching out an idea for this challenge and managed to at least paint the characters into photoshop. But due to the hefty restraints on my time that particular week I was unable to place them in a setting. 
Sad times. 
In the end then I didn't enter the challenge. But here I can post unashamedly. This is as far as I got.

The idea being that the duck isn't actually Captain James T Quack. But rather a young duck who idolises him instead. 
I may work back into the picture at a later date. I would like to add a Winnie the Pooh esque illustration to the background. But that can wait. Time to get back into the swing of animating!
All the best.

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