Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Recent Life Drawings

Hiya, long time no post! I have been very busy recently at uni and have unfortunately neglected my Blog a bit. But this stops now. And so to start off this post I would like to share some recent life drawings. 

We recently had a task where we had to assess each others work according to where we think they fit in the grading matrix used by our university. It is the hardest thing however, to try and apply these techniques to your own drawings. I look at them and I see every minute spent on them. Every gesture invested into them. Because I drew it. I think, in the end, I'll just have to wait and see how the marks come out. 

In the mean time i would also like to congratulate a friend and animator on my course, Francis Kelleher. He has completed a gargantuan task that i fear i could never have the willpower to achieve my self. Every evening he has gone home and drawn a self portrait. 365 days worth to be exact. 

They are all available to see at this link:

The amount of skill he must have gained from that I'm sure is vast. Which leads me to secondly, congratulating him on getting on to the exchange program with ESAG university in Paris. Congrats to everyone who managed to get a place whether it be France, China, America. Or any of the numerous countries on offer. 

Anyhow. All the best for now. 


sasha said...

these are fantastic Graeme! x

graeme brandham, animator. said...

hey sasha thanks! cant wait to see what you put up on your new blog!!