Thursday, 28 April 2011

Catching up with the last 2 months

So, where to begin. Its been a busy 2 months. I have recently been to China on a work experience placement. Which was  . . .  AWESOME! Seriously what an amazing country! As for the work I was doing there, I was working for a company called glory and dreams studio. They are currently making an animated feature called 'back to the sea'. Its due to be finished in about a year. My main responsibilities where storyboarding and art designing, which was amazing! It meant I got to work very closely with the director, Thom. We shared a lot of ideas. Who knows you might even see a few of them in the final edit. 

In the mean time, here's a small sampling of some observational drawing I did whilst I was out there. Sadly its all very  . . . pencilly, as tbh I didn't want to fill my suitcase with magical art materials. But even so I'm quite happy with some of the results. 

Ummm what do we have in this next slide. Ahh yes. Earlier this term I was shipped off to the British museum with the rest of my course. They have so much to see and draw there. I was particularly loving the Greek urns. All in all it proved to be a good day out even if the traffic on the way back was horrendous. Though saying that, had there been no traffic I would never have been able to draw Benjy and Carmen as they fell asleep. (Top left) 

We also have a couple of pages of just observing people. One of which was from a pretty inspirational lecture by Mike Shorten. A 2d animator and artist who graduated from my course in 2006. I was particularly impressed and hopeful to find that there can still be work out there for 2D animators. And good work at that.

Ahh and a random picture of Hengistbury head. A place of such beauty!! And possibly the best sunsets in the world!

And then finally here we have a random sampling of some recent-ish life drawing. The bottom images, though not my bets drawings ever, where such fun to do. So thanks to storm for dressing up and toting a massive fake gun around for 2 hours! 

Anyhows. I shall endeavour to post again soon. Maybe once I have finished a couple of my university units I will post up some of the ideas I have been working on. Character designs and storyboards n such. 
In the mean time
All the best


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