Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Disney & Hands part 4

So been a long weekend this week. Literally. And sigh* was working every single one of them. It could have been worse I guess. My mood was lifted momentarily when a raggedy homeless guy came into the shop and declared at, (rather than too,) the customers that they where 'supposed to be in the music industry'. After which he spat on the floor and stomped out. All because dogs aren't allowed in the shopping centre. (What does being in the music industry have to do with dogs??)

That three days of being in the music industry did not stop me however, from doing my Disney drawings and my Hands!!

This weekend i have focussed a small amount more not on just animation frames but character designs and concept works as well. In particular youll notice a lot of children from Toy Story 3. I have always struggled with designing appealing young characters. In doing these however i have learnt a lot about where i was going wrong. Proportions etc. 

(Bruce Smith)

(Chris Sanders, Storyboard)

(Tom Gately, Character Design)

(Brush Pen, Really good challenge. Gave me a chance to evaluate my progress without having an eraser to lean on as a crutch)

(Daniel Arriaga, Character Design)


Matt Timms said...

Hey dude, these studies are really good! Always good to keep up the drawing skills. Might join in myself lol

graeme brandham, animator. said...

He he, Hey! Thanks! Please do join in! Its actually become quite a staple this last couple of weeks. Really enjoying it :)

graeme brandham, animator. said...

p.s. Just had a rummage through your blog! Really nice stuff going on there. Loved your portfolio, especially the life drawings. So much energy! As for the FX stuff. We have a couple of people in my year at the moment who are really interested in getting into special effects. Daniel Haman and Tom Tanner. Im pretty sure dan has a blog . . not sure about tom . . . But yer. Ill direct them to your blog. :D
all the best