Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hey guys! So Figured I'd have a quick bash at this months 11 second club challenge. Would love to know what everyone thinks. 
Lots of firsts in this one. First time I have had a proper attempt at animating to a piece of dialogue. First time animating a full acting sequence. First time animating a face with lip synch. 
And as with all firsts, there's lots that can be improved on.

Its definitely nowhere near as finished as I would like. And there's an awful lot in there that's not particularly good at the moment. Maybe something I can work back into later. I think the main problem is there is just too much going on. Its not very clear. And in animation, clarity is everything. 

I haven't entered it unfortunately. For a couple of reasons. But hey ho. It was a big old learning curve and i look forward to trying another one. Hopefully with a bit more success.

All the best

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