Friday, 24 June 2011

Lulworth cove, Hands and Disney!

Hi, so, i haven't posted in quite a while have I. Alas uni is over more or less for the summer. And i hate photographing my work. Much prefer the university scanners. I just cant get the colours right on my own. 

But hey ho, ill have to make do for a bit. Here's a quick watercolour I did whilst at Lulworth cove yesterday. Its not very good tbh. But I have not really had a go at observational painting before until I went to Annecy a couple of weeks ago. Since then the idea has captivated me. SO latest effort!! 

As for the Hands and Disney part of this post. Here we go. I have to admit since getting back from Annecy i haven't done as many, but it is still there. I think its not something I need to do every day any more. Just something I can practice every couple of days or so. These particular examples are hands done in a very caricature style. 

As for the Disney piccy. Its a piece of art done by a guy called Amano something or other. I really loved the line quality of it, very fine. Its also in its original form a watercolour. This is something i want to start playing with soon. The original is here. 

and here's mine

Anyhows. I'm currently working on an 11 second club challenge, that for once I think I might actually finish!! Ill post it up as soon as its done so you can see what you think. This summer for me is gonna be full of animation so keep on coming back and seeing if there's anything new. Ill try n post a new one every week.

All the best



Aquanoctis said...

^___^ Kingdom Hearts. Nice one.

...Although, I thought that picture of Sora was done by Tetsuya Nomura, wasn't it?

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Heeey Ryan! Love kingdom hearts! (started it again this summer sigh* Couldn't help myself.

As for the picture, yea that's what i thought. Tetsuya Nomura. It should be, i mean the styles so similar to the stuff he did for FF X . . But then I read somewhere, (no idea where) that it was Amano guy who worked on FF IX. Im so not sure any more. Ah well. Hopefully when Testuya Nomura decides to create an on-line portfolio of his work ill know for sure xD (I can only hope)