Thursday, 12 May 2011

Condor story

So today, I have been tied down and whipped into submission. Unfortunately (as much as i would love to pitch a numerous amount of films next year) have been told that I have to choose which idea i am going to take forward, today!! 

As such I can finally reveal a couple of concepts for one of the stories that I will not be taking further for the time being. The story is about disparity between two peoples. And how a lack of understanding between people can lead to a recognition of difference rather than similarity  . . . eventually leading to animosity. 

The two main characters are a Sherpa and a Bird of fire. The very last Bird of fire in existence. Set near the Tibetan plateau during the 50's when the second world war had opened up technology to even the most rural places in the world.

These are just a couple of character designs for the Sherpa. Based on research into the tradition of Sherpas that lead tourists around the Himalayas.

This second bunch of images include a couple of character concepts and a vague design for the location of the Sherpas village. The research again being based on the traditional values of Buddhist architecture in Tibet. 

I'm sad to have to be saying goodbye to this idea. And many other ideas that haven't even seen the light of day yet. But I am also very pleased to have now, a specific story and short film idea that I can begin to visualize and build over the summer.

Good luck to all the other second years who will undoubtedly be doing the same as me. I cannot wait till pitch week! Its gonna be an exciting time.

All the best


"TORI CAT" said...

Hi Graeme!!
Great to meet you!!! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and getting in touch!! I really appreciate you guys coming over to introduce yourselves the other day!! It was a pleasure to meet you all!!!
I really hope you had a great time in London and the Disney folk left you really inspired and thirsty for more!!
I really like the concept that you have just posted about one of your potential film ideas. Im really excited to see what your final pitch is going to be like!! :D Good luck!!!
Remember, i meant what i said to you guys the other day, if you ever want a wee industry folk like me to go thru your stuff and help you in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am really happy to help you, criting your work for portfolios etc, help with pitch work and general day to day stuff. In the end, you can do what you like and dont ever take my words as golden, im just happy to help give friendly advice from one artist to another. I personally think other peoples hones feedback really helps you grow as an artist. Some time when you are really involved in a piece, you can become very attached to it and some times it can be very difficult to see quite obvious mistakes which maybe clear to an outsider!!
We are all one big little family and i love working along side fellow artists and aspiring to all the talent out there. There is always so much to learn and do, i just wish there were more hours in a day!! :P

By the way i over heard you mention that you have recently come back from China...?? I wanted to speak to you about this, but ran out of time etc. Did you go to Nanjing working for Glory and Dream??
How did you find it? I was the guinea pig sent out there with a couple of others many years ago to start up the working exchange program at the AIB!!
I would love to hear your stories and how you found the whole experience.... especially if your were out there working with Thom and Calvin etc.
Anyways dude,
Thanks so much for getting in touch!! It was really great to meat you and i wish you all the best for your final year!!
Hope you have a bloody amazing time in Annecy!! I know you will!! Its magic out there!! You will have a blast!! :)
keep in touch and remember, dont hesitate to ask for help/advice!!!
Take care and speak to you soon!!

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Hey Tori. No worries! Its always fun having a look at what you have been getting up to recently. You should try posting a map of the lines you have made around the world so far xD he he. Could be interesting.

OH GOD yes! The Disney thing has inspired me so much. I've always been pretty motivated, but well. That day changed me forever. (Today for example is day 6 of 1460 in becoming a Disney Intern. (Well, that's the dream).

I will definately have to take you up on that generous offer at some point. Another opinion on my portfolio/show reel is so valuable. I mean, look at this way. For every opinion I get, that's potentially one more person in the industry I can satisfy. :-) And yes, of course. I'm gonna spend the rest of my life learning to be a good animator. So are we all. So anything we can all do to help each other out is all good. Like a family.

If you ever fancy getting an opinion on something you have done, (not that I'm in the industry yet, but maybe that's an interesting perspective from which to look at work) I would be more than happy too. :) The offers there.

Hey yer, it was Glory and Dreams. Still making back to the sea. Due to be finished in about 8 months now. Its looking good so far though. Its obvious everyone there cares so much about it. So much work and love into one film!!
I found the whole experience pretty amazing. It was a little bit more 'chilled' than i was expecting. But I managed to push a little bit for more work here and there.
Thom is a legend. He was possibly my favourite thing in china. His knack for good storytelling is excellent. Lol we had many many good conversations about some of the storyboards I did for him. Calvin, is also pretty dam cool. All of them. Warren, jenny etc. Loved it!!

Hope your having a ball in LA at the moment. Trying to save up to come out there soon. (gonna take Dawn up on her offer to show people around the studio if I can)

Keep in touch too.
All the best